2016 CMS Data on Industry Payments to US Physicians, Hospitals: Company Breakdowns

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The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Friday released 2016 data on more than $8 billion in payments (which is on par with 2015 data) made by 1,481 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies to more than 600,000 physicians and 1,146 hospitals.

In total, CMS calculated that $2.8 billion was spent on general payments and $4.36 billion on research payments. 

In its breakdown of the numbers, CMS says that more than $1 billion in 2016 was spent on physicians for speaking, training and education engagements that are not for continuing education, and on royalties or other payments based on sales of products that use a physician’s intellectual property.

And more than $430 million in 2016 was spent on food, beverages, travel and lodging, which compares to about $440 million in 2015.

The database also breaks down the figures by company, though some of the multinational biopharmaceutical companies, like Roche and Johnson & Johnson, did not disclose complete numbers that matched their peers for 2016. The following is a breakdown of what was listed for some of the largest companies (in alphabetical order):

General and Research Payments by Companies (values in millions USD)
Company General Payments (2016)Research Payments (2016)General Payments (2015)Research Payments (2015)
AbbVie $34.9$136$39.9$121.3
Allergan $66.4$82.3$35.9$28.2
Amgen $35.3$182.4$31.9$332.2
Bayer Pharmaceuticals $11$28$11.5$23.1
Gilead Sciences$43.4$59.4$37$71.7
Merck Sharpe & Dohme$39.8$261.9$34.9$129.2
Pfizer, Inc.$45.9$429.1$45.4$392.9
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals$14.7$64$8.9$46.8
Valeant Pharmaceuticals$50.3$5.4$29.1$4.3


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