Using RSS Feeds as a Regulatory Intelligence Tool: The (Updated List of) Feeds you Need to Follow

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Which websites should regulatory professionals be reading, and how should they be reading them?

For regulatory professionals—and especially those involved in regulatory intelligence—staying current with the latest information is a constant struggle. And while each professional's list of required reading sources may differ significantly, all regulatory professionals could stand to benefit from taking advantage of a technology platform known as RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

The RSS platform is similar in many respects to the XML platform used to submit applications electronically to most regulatory agencies, and is actually based on the same XML architecture. Each website using RSS pushes out their latest information in a standardized format, allowing users to receive the latest news in their email inboxes or using online tools.

The appeal is relatively simple: Instead of needing to physically go to the web address of each website a professional wishes to visit (i.e. a "pull" method of consumption), RSS feeds "push" the latest news out, allowing a user to simply monitor a single location (known as an RSS "reader" or "aggregator") to find all of the latest news from the websites they wish to follow.

2014 RAPS - RegIntelligenceWhile most email services support RSS feeds, including Microsoft Outlook, web-based platforms often provide an array of services not found in email-based versions. For example, the RSS service Feedly is a web-based RSS reader which allows users to group RSS feeds based on their own preferences. A user might, for example, group together all their most important feeds to allow for quicker information triage each day. Another benefit is Feedly's mobile app, which allows users to read the latest stories when away from the office. The service also allows integrationwith many web-based tools like Evernote.

Other RSS readers include Newsblur, Digg Reader, The Old Reader and FeedDemon.

The Feeds to Follow

But which websites have RSS feeds, and which ones are beneficial for regulatory professionals to follow?

Don't worry—Regulatory Focus has you covered.

Regulatory Focus is proud to update our list of the top RSS feeds life science professionals should consider following to stay on top of the latest developments in regulatory affairs.


Source and Website Link to RSS Feed
Regulatory Focus
Regulatory Focus RSS
Biologics and Biopharmaceuticals
BioWorld RSS
Fierce Vaccines RSS
BioPharma-Reporter RSS
Fierce Biomarkers RSS
Biosimilar News RSS
CA Institute for Regenerative Medicine RSS
Fierce Biotech RSS
GaBI Online RSS
Medical Devices
mHealth News RSS
Medical Plastics News RSS
medtechinsider RSS
The Silver Sheet RSS
Medical Device Summit RSS
Medical News Today - Devices RSS
The Gray Sheet RSS
Mass Device RSS
Fierce Medical Devices RSS
MedDev & Diagnostic Industry RSS
Medical Device Daily RSS
Manufacturing Geek RSS
Med Device Online RSS
Inside Medical Devices RSS
Medgadget RSS
Medical Design RSS
Clinica RSS
The Silver Sheet RSS
in-PharmaTechnologist RSS
BioPharm International - Quality RSS
BioPharma Today RSS
International Pharmaceutical Quality RSS
PharmaPhorum RSS
Pharmafile RSS
Drug Discovery & Development RSS
Medical News Today - Pharma RSS
The Street RSS
PharmaTimes RSS
SecuringPharma RSS
BioPharma Dive RSS
PharmaAfrica RSS
PharmTech RSS
Safe Patient Project RSS
Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor RSS
Outsourcing-Pharma RSS
Fierce Pharma RSS
PharmTech Talk RSS
Fierce Pharma Manufacturing RSS
Pharmaceutical Commerce RSS
Pharmafile RSS
Fierce Animal Health RSS
Pharmaceutical Commerce RSS
Financial Times RSS
PharmaBiz RSS
RxTrace RSS
Pharmaceutical Executive RSS
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing RSS
PharmaPhorum RSS
NYTimes -Pharmaceuticals RSS
PharmExec RSS
PhillyPharma RSS
The Pink Sheet Daily RSS
The Pink Sheet RSS RSS
The Guardian - Pharma RSS
PharmaTimes - UK RSS
Fierce Pharma Marketing RSS
BioPharm International RSS
Pharmaceutical Commerce RSS
Pharmalot RSS
Postscript RSS
Drug Channels RSS
Scripintelligence RSS
Raj Pharma RSS RSS
The Gold Sheet RSS
Pharmaceutical Approvals Monthly RSS
BioCentury on BioBusiness RSS
The RPM Report RSS
Orange Book Blog RSS
US Department of Justice RSS
Kleinfeld, Kaplan & Becker RSS
Washington Legal Foundation RSS
Life Sciences Law Blog RSS
Federal Regulations Advisor RSS
medicaldeviceslegal RSS
Drug Injury Watch RSS
FDA Lawyers Blog RSS
FDA Law Blog RSS
King & Spalding Publications RSS
Patent Docs RSS
Drug and Device Law RSS
Global Regulatory Enforcement La... RSS
Advertising and Promotion
Medical Marketing and Media RSS
Pharma Marketing Blog RSS
World of DTC Marketing RSS
PhillyCooke's Regulatory Rx RSS
Eye for Pharma RSS
ePharma Rx RSS
Dose of Digital RSS
Pixels & Pills RSS
Dietary Supplements
The Tan Sheet RSS
Food Product Design RSS
NutraIngredients-USA RSS
NutraIngredients RSS
FoodQualityNews RSS
Natural Products INSIDER RSS
General Regulatory Affairs
Eye on FDA RSS
All Trials RSS
IEEE Spectrum RSS
EuroScan RSS
Coalition for Healthcare Communication RSS
Medical News Today RSS
USP - Quality Matters RSS
BioCentury - The Daily Extra RSS
European Compliance Academy RSS
Health Industry Washington Watch RSS
First Patient In RSS
Alliance for a Stronger FDA RSS
MedCity News RSS
Exalon - eCTD News RSS
FDA Matters RSS
Stericycle Recall News RSS
Medical News Today RSS
RTT - Biotech RSS
Biospectrum Asia RSS
FDAzilla RSS
Roll Call - Health Care RSS
Law360 - Life Sciences RSS
Modern Healthcare Breaking News RSS
Government Entities
Federal Trade Commission RSS
FDA - Drugs RSS
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute RSS
FDA - Health Fraud RSS
FDA Food Safety RSS Feed RSS
International Standards Organization RSS
Government Accountability Office RSS
WHO Director-General RSS
Pan American Health Organization RSS
Department of Justice RSS
Federal Register - ICE RSS
Health Canada RSS
EMA - Electronic Application Forms RSS
EMA - Regulatory and procedural guidelines RSS
Health Canada - Compliance and Enforcement RSS
US Patent and Trademark Office RSS
FDA - Medical Device Recalls RSS
OECD - Health RSS
FDA - Cosmetics RSS
FDA - Voice Blog RSS
FDA - Drug Shortages RSS
House Medical Technology Caucus RSS
ICH - Common Technical Document RSS
FDA - Flickr RSS
WHO - Governance RSS
FDA - Enforcement Report RSS
Federal Register - CMS RSS
Federal Register - CDC RSS
MedWatch Safety Alert RSS Feed RSS
FDA Consumer Health Information Updates RSS
ISO - 13485:2003 RSS
Senate HELP Committee RSS
ICH - Guidelines RSS
Office of the Inspector General RSS
EMA - Fees RSS
International Electrotechnical Commission RSS
Senate HELP Committee - Hearings RSS
Customs and Border Protection RSS
Federal Register - US Trade Representative RSS
FDA - Patient Safety News RSS
EMA - Patient Safety RSS
FDA - Vaccines, Blood & Biologics RSS
Asian Harmonization Working Party RSS
FDA - Voice Blog RSS
EMA - Scientific Guidelines RSS
FDA - OIRA Reading Room RSS
EMA - Meetings and Events RSS
CDC - Press Releases RSS
FDA - Mini-Sentinel RSS
OMB - Memoranda RSS
Health Canada - Drugs RSS
EC - Publich Health RSS
FDA - Drug Info Rounds RSS
FDA - Basics RSS
Federal Register - FDA RSS
EMA - Inspections RSS
Federal Register - Veterans Affairs RSS
Federal Register - NIH RSS
Therapeutic Goods Administration RSS
FDA - Animal & Veterinary RSS
International Conference on Harmonisation RSS
Federal Register - FCC RSS
FDA - Tainted Supplements RSS
FDA - Recalls & Safety Alerts RSS
FDA - Food Allergies RSS
FDA - Pet Health RSS
European Parliament - ENVI RSS
UK Department of Health RSS
House Childhood Cancer Caucus RSS
NIH - Press RSS
FDA - Press RSS
Office of Research Integrity RSS
Presidential Commission on Bioethics RSS
Federal Register - HHS RSS
Procurement at the European Medicines Agency RSS
FDA - Food RSS
Office of Management and Budget RSS
Federal Register - FDA RSS
Opinion and Analysis
Drugwonks RSS
TraceLink RSS
Placebo Control RSS
RAPS Regulatory Exchange RSS
Ask Cato RSS
Life Sci VC RSS
The Next Element RSS
RegBlog RSS
Biotech Due Diligence RSS
PharmaGossip RSS
Porzio Pharmaspective RSS
BioClinica RSS
Compliance Perspectives RSS
The Elsmar Cove RSS
Drug Kennel RSS
Regulatory Intelligence RSS
Geeks Talk Clinical RSS
Context Matters RSS
Searching for Safety RSS
Medical Progress Today RSS
Hooked RSS
In the Pipeline RSS
An Ounce of Evidence RSS
Molecules to Medicine RSS
The Medicine Show RSS
Business of Healthcare
Reuters Life Sciences Connect RSS
Burrill Report RSS
Xconomy RSS
Protomag RSS
BioFlash RSS
Chicago Business - Healthcare RSS
IBJ - Health Care RSS
Health Policy
Pew Health RSS
Forbes - Healthcare RSS
Health Affairs RSS
California Healthline RSS
Politico Pulse RSS
Harvard Bill of Health RSS
Life Sciences Industry
European Fine Chemicals Group RSS
National Clinical Trial Network RSS
PhRMA Catalyst RSS
Patently BIOtech RSS
Policy and Medicine RSS
Beaker's Blog RSS
Campaign for Modern Medicines RSS
LillyPad RSS
Politics and Congress
Energy and Commerce Committee - Republicans RSS
The Hill RSS
Energy and Commerce Committee RSS
Health News
Economic Times of India RSS
MedPage Today - FDA General RSS
Reuters - Health News RSS
Boston Herald RSS
EurActiv RSS
NPR - Health RSS
Health Leaders Media RSS
mobihealthnews RSS
Washington Post - Health Science RSS
NYTimes - Health Care Reform RSS
GovHealthIT RSS
OnMedica RSS
MedPageToday RSS
Health IT News RSS
Cardiovascular Business News RSS
Wall Street Journal - Health RSS
World Health Organization RSS
LA Times - Health RSS
Healthcare Economist RSS
New England Journal of Medicine - EMA RSS
New England Journal of Medicine - FDA RSS
New England Center for Investigative Reporting RSS
Fierce Health Payer RSS
NYTimes - Well RSS
ProPublica RSS
IRIN - Health RSS
CardioBrief RSS
MedPage Today - Public Health & Policy RSS
MedPage Today - Washington Watch RSS
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel RSS
MIT Technology Review RSS
Marketwatch RSS
PJ Online RSS
NYTimes - Health RSS
BioSpace RSS
Pharmaceutical Processing News RSS
General Science
Chemical & Engineering News RSS
Bad Science RSS
Science-Based Medicine RSS
Scientific American RSS
CEA Registry RSS
Brookings RSS
American Enterprise Institute RSS
Pew Health RSS
Brookings - Health RSS
Hastings Center RSS
Pew Trust RSS
PWC's HRI Regulatory Center RSS
Medical Device Companies
Baxter Corporate RSS
Roche RSS
Philips RSS
Siemens Medical Solutions RSS
Boston Scientific RSS
GE Healthcare RSS
Covidien RSS
B. Braun Melsungen AG RSS
Medtronic RSS
GE Healthcare News RSS
Roche RSS
Pharmaceutical Companies
Takeda US RSS
Novo Nordisk A/S RSS
AstraZeneca RSS
Eisai RSS
Merck RSS
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co. RSS
Eli Lilly and Company RSS
GlaxoSmithKline RSS
Sanofi RSS
Boehringer Ingelheim RSS
Novartis RSS
Bayer RSS
Pfizer RSS
Johnson & Johnson RSS
Bristol-Myers Squibb RSS
Abbott RSS
Astellas RSS


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