Power Up: Best Practices for Regulatory Intelligence

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Information is power. But in this era of information overload, if it were the sole requirement to be powerful, we’d all be Hercules.

For regulatory professionals, the tool necessary to turn information into power is regulatory intelligence (RI). Regulatory intelligence allows you to use information to be proactive rather than reactive. RI has grown from a “nice to have” option that was owned and operated exclusively by large companies into a key instrument essential to every regulatory affairs practitioner’s success. And while this was a new term just a few years ago, now every regulatory professional uses it to some degree, and most want to find ways to use it more effectively. The question now is ‘How do we do a better job of employing regulatory intelligence?’

To help answer this, two “pop-up” sessions on “Regulatory Intelligence - The Art & Science of Managing Information Before You Need It” were held at RAPS’ 2015 Regulatory Convergence in Baltimore with the mission of identifying the advantages and current best practices in utilizing regulatory intelligence. Input was collected from session attendees and from a panel of experts to develop a white paper on the subject. This white paper explores the current state of RI by extracting and summarizing the thoughts and experiences of a diverse audience of regulatory practitioners. Learn about:

  • challenges of information management;
  • current state of RI;
  • impact of RI on our industry.

Better regulatory intelligence will make us better regulatory professionals and allow us to be more successful in our jobs. By compiling the best strategies of the industry, we can all benefit from the experience of others to help manage the seemingly Herculean task of putting information to work for us.

To learn more about the results of these sessions and “power up” your regulatory game, download the white paper.



Regulatory intelligence is at the heart of every well-informed regulatory decision, and is integral to maximizing effectiveness and influence for the regulatory professional. The Regulatory Intelligence Quotientis a regular exploration of regulatory intelligence topics by thought leaders in the field. Want to learn more or suggest future topics? To contact us with your thoughts or to request more information, email asksofie@graematter.com or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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