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About US:

Innovatum’s ROBAR provides many powerful capabilities for UDI/MDR/IVDR/Eudamed and is delivered with consulting, Implementation, and validation assistance. As a true end-to-end regulated labeling system provider, Innovatum has been a top innovator in life sciences labeling for over 25 years. Innovatum’s fully configurable and easily validatable RIMS/PIMS /MDM labeling systems are easily expandable to meet future regulatory needs without involving the IT department. Additional modular capabilities include, 100% label inspection and eIFU management with hosting.

Web Site: https://www.innovatum.com/

1400 Buford Hwy, Suite B2
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
United States


Mark Sikorski
Director Sales and Marketing, Software Solutions
Phone: 229-338-7568
Email: sikorskim@innovatum.com

Business Type:
  • Consulting
  • Software Solutions
  • Validation Services
  • Training