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A Wright Path
About US: MCRA offers consulting services in US and International Regulatory, a full-service CRO, Reimbursement, Quality Assurance, and Healthcare Compliance. MCRA's team of former FDA regulators is led by two ex-FDA Branch Chiefs (Orthopedics and Interventional Cardiology). MCRA's staff of 100 runs over 600 projects annually. MCRA has run about a dozen full PMAs and countless 510(k)s for its clients. MCRA CRO has run 22 full premarket clinical studies, with over 350 surgeon relationships at 165 sites.
Web Site: https://www.mcra.com

1050 K St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
United States   


Dan Goldstein
Phone: (202) 552-5796
Email: dgoldstein@mcra.com

Business Type: • Consulting
• Clinical Research Organization
• Testing/Validation
• Quality Assurance
• Audit/Inspections
• Training/Education