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Schlafender Hase
About US:

Schlafender Hase® provides a text and graphic proofreading software called TVT (Text Verification Tool®). TVT saves time, prevents errors, costly misprints and recalls. TVT was built for Life Sciences as it ensures that only approved content is printed or published. Schlafender Hase is proud to be known for product quality, service excellence and customer success. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with a North American division in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Web Site: www.schlafenderhase.com

245 First Street Suite 1800-103
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142
United States
Phone: 617-607-4900
Email: peter.muller@sh-p.com


Peter Muller 
Director Americas 

Business Type: Software Solutions
Quality Assurance