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Temple University
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The UGA Regulatory Sciences Programs are web-based, academic graduate courses designed to prepare Regulatory Sciences professionals for careers in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biologics, and Animal Health business sectors. Course work uses a blended instructional approach of asynchronously delivered content and interactive project work, taught by subject matter experts from industry, the university, and regulatory agencies to ensure that content is current and relevant. Classes are intended to allow individual flexibility, yet structured to accelerate student learning during the semester. The students completing the program will be ready to meet the challenges of the regulatory profession.

Web Site: https://rx.uga.edu/

2530 Sever Road
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
United States
Email: Grace.Gowda@uga.edu 


Grace Gowda
Director, International Biomedical Regulatory Sciences Program
Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
University of Georgia

Business Type: Academia