Recon: PhRMA weighs legal options as US pricing reforms move through Congress; Europe to consider dose-sparing to increase monkeypox vaccine
Posted 11 August 2022 By Joanne S. Eglovitch
Welcome to Regulatory Reconnaissance, your daily regulatory news and intelligence briefing.
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Legal Expert: Too early to tell if SCOTUS ruling will chill FDA regulation
Posted 09 August 2022 By Ferdous Al-Faruque
When the majority of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in late June said that an Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy to curb climate change was a regulatory overreach, legal experts wondered if it would have a chilling eff...
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Accelerated Approval: Experts weigh in on the role of RWE in confirmatory trials
Posted 08 August 2022 By Mary Ellen Schneider
As Congress considers how to reform the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) controversial pathway for providing accelerated approval to drugs that treat serious or life-threatening diseases, there may be an expanded role for real-wor...
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This Week at FDAThis Week at FDA
This Week at FDA: EtO, user fee woes, and product specific guidances
Posted 05 August 2022 By Ferdous Al-Faruque
Welcome to another installment of This Week at FDA, your weekly source for updates – big and small – on FDA, drug and medical device regulation and what we’re reading from around the web. This week the Environmental Protection Agency (EP...
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FDA announces website for complex generics
Posted 05 August 2022 By Joanne S. Eglovitch
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just launched a new webpage to share recent actions and activities related to complex generic drugs to spur their development.  
Euro Roundup: Industry wants clarity on links between EHDS, existing legislation
Posted 04 August 2022 By Nick Paul Taylor
MedTech Europe said “the EHDS is a pioneering initiative and has the potential to empower patients [and] accelerate the European Single Market for digital health and data by tackling barriers to cross-border data sharing.” While EHDS is ...
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EMA reports slow uptick in clinical trial applications submitted via CTIS portal
Posted 03 August 2022 By Joanne S. Eglovitch
The number of applications filed through the Clinical Trial Information System (CTIS) portal continues to grow, even while most applications are still being filed in the current EudraCT system, according to a 29 July report from the Eu...
Recon: FDA to get less funding in Senate budget bill for FY 2023 compared to House version; EU funders fail to measure clinical trial transparency
Posted 02 August 2022 By Joanne S. Eglovitch
Senate Budget Draft Would Be Less Generous To US FDA Than House For FY 2023 FDA greenlights Marius; oral hypogonadism pill; VBL Therapeutics makes cuts to its workforce Major European research funders often fail to set policies or mo...
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