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Celebrate the Profession

RAPS Awards Program

The RAPS Awards Program celebrates individuals who have helped establish high standards for the regulatory profession and inspired the community to make extraordinary contributions to the field and to RAPS. The program recognizes leaders and change agents in the community, who support the RAPS organizational mission to develop and sustain a competent global regulatory workforce that drives good regulatory practice.  Each year, RAPS selects outstanding recipients who have went above and beyond their regulatory professional expertise and commitments to provide for the greater good of regulatory affairs. These recipients receive awards such as the Founder's Award, Community Leadership Award and Patient-Centered Health Award.  We have found that the world of regulatory is growing rather quickly and RAPS relies on the community to support our recognition programs so we can recognize the best of the best in the profession. Do you know of someone who has gone above and beyond? We want to know. Please submit/email their information to to start our vetting process. We appreciate you recognizing your colleagues and representing regulatory in the world we live in today.

Meet the Awardees

The Founder’s Award recognizes exemplary regulatory professionals and is the profession’s highest award. Honorees have shaped regulatory policy and practice; made a positive impact on the profession through education and mentoring; volunteered time to leadership pursuits such as serving on the RAPS board or Fellows program; promoted healthcare and patient well-being; advanced regulatory agility and raised awareness of the value of regulatory.

The Community Leadership Award recognizes RAPS members who have built networks and supported regulatory professionals in their communities. Awardees have acted as RAPS ambassadors; engaged in chapter or local activities, including networking and outreach, for at least three years; and partnered with other organizations to further the profession; and oresent and/or author as thought leaders in the regulatory profession.

Patient-Centered Health Award recognizes groups, organizations or individuals who have made a significant impact to advance patient-centered policy, product development or regulatory decision making. Highly reputational, non-profit organizations for this award promote patient-centric healthcare to improve the lives of patients and caregivers; partnered with regulators/HCPs/governments/NGOs/industry to advance patient-centric regulatory decision making; provided education that has raised awareness of the challenges faced by patients and caregivers; and have been in the industry for more than three years. 

This is intended to be a periodic special recognition with 0-2 awards per annum.  The award is geographically neutral and lifecycle agnostic (i.e. impact development through post-marketing).  Ideally, awardees will have a RAPS connection (e.g. through engagement at Convergence, through Chapter events, through member engagement), however this is not mandatory.  Nominees would be announced internally and externally to promote the importance of public health factor consideration (i.e. end user impact) within regulatory policy and frameworks.

Fellows RAPS Fellows Program

RAPS recognizes distinguished leaders in the regulatory profession through the RAPS Fellows Program. RAPS Fellows are the masters of the profession who thrive on building and sharing regulatory knowledge that shapes the profession's future. Giving back to the community is second nature to Fellows. Serving as a volunteer is a priority. Fellows represent all segments of RAPS membership, including industry, government, academia, research and clinical organizations.

What it takes to become a RAPS Fellow

RAPS Fellows require a unique dedication to the regulatory field illustrated by a history of commitment and success. Candidates for the Fellows Program must show the contributions made to the profession outside of daily work. Examples are:

  • Mentorship
  • Co-authoring publications and feature articles.
  • Speaker at conferences.
  • Going above and beyond your job description to nurture the profession.

These are the things that set you apart from your peers and the attributes we are seeking.

The rigorous selection process guarantees that only regulatory professionals with the highest qualifications and experience are elected. Applications, evaluated by a selection committee of rotating RAPS Fellows, are reviewed yearly.

Learn about our current and past RAPS Fellows

Meet the RAPS Fellows

Application Information and Selection Process

RAPS Fellows must have an extensive and robust process at the strategic management levels outlined in the Regulatory Competency Framework. Below is a brief overview of the criteria and responsibilities of a RAPS Fellow.

Criteria to become a RAPS Fellow includes:

  • Active RAPS membership (exception: currently employed at a health agency)
  • Marked contributions to the regulatory profession
  • Regulatory management and leadership experience
  • Knowledge and breadth of critical regulatory issues
  • Stellar regulatory professional employment history
  • The pursuit of continuing education, including professional designations or certifications

RAPS Fellows responsibilities:

  • Provide on-going representation as a leader at RAPS regulatory programs and other scientific meetings
  • Participate in forums covering key issues and trends facing the profession
  • Serve and lead the regulatory profession and RAPS
  • Assist in developing future RAPS leadership
  • Mentor new and/or junior RAPS members and other regulatory professionals by providing guidance and advice

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