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The RAPS Fellows program recognizes and honors regulatory professionals who have made significant contributions to the regulatory profession. Candidates for the RAPS Fellow distinction are assessed against established criteria by considering their work career achievements and, more importantly, their volunteer contributions that have exceeded their employment commitments such as educating, training, writing, mentoring, etc., to the benefit of other regulatory professionals.

The application process intends to provide the candidate the opportunity to provide evidence of their contribution and commitment to the continued growth and evolution of the regulatory profession.  There is also an expectation that Fellows will continue to commit to advancing the profession into the future by continuing to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise.

RAPS Fellows Program 2021

The RAPS Fellows application window is open from 22 March – 21 May 2021.


To be eligible, candidates must:

  • Have an active RAPS membership (Note: individuals currently employed at a health authority are excluded from this membership requirement).
  • ​Have a minimum of 10 years of extensive regulatory knowledge and breadth of experience in the profession, including healthcare and related products—medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics and nutritional products
  • Have a history of dedication to and an interest in continuing to build and shape the future of the regulatory profession.

Application Process

The RAPS Fellow Program application process requires the following items:

  • Completion of the General Candidate Information Form (web base) and Fellows Application Form (pdf)
  • Your professional CV
  • Application fee of $100

The Fellows Application process involves 4 steps, all of which need to be complete by 21 May 2021.

STEP 1: Complete the General Candidate Information Form

This is an online form that asks for general contact information.

Complete the General Candidate Information Form

STEP 2: Download and Complete the Fellows Application Form

The Fellows Application Form (pdf document) consists of questions about the candidate’s:

  • Educational background,
  • Work history,
  • Regulatory knowledge,
  • Management and leadership experience,
  • Contributions to the regulatory profession,
  • and credentials and references (please note that the Fellows Committee reserves the right to contact your references to verify the information supplied in your application).

To assist in completing the Fellows Application Form, have your current professional CV at hand (Note: your CV is supplemental information and should not be considered as a replacement or alternative method for completing the Fellows Application Form). Please ensure that all sections of the Fellows Application Form is complete, as incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Download the Fellows Application Form

STEP 3: Submit and Email Completed Documents

You will email your completed Fellows Application Form and professional CV to Wesley Carr, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, RAPS.

Submit Your Completed Form and CV

STEP 4: Application Fee

After submitting your completed Fellows Application Form and professional CV, you will receive a link to pay the $100 application fee. This step must be completed before the yearly deadline. You will receive the online payment link in an email after Step 3 has been completed.

Next Steps

RAPS Fellows are selected annually by a peer group, the RAPS Fellows Selection Committee. When reviewing applications, the Fellow Selection Committee focuses on the applicant’s:

  • Achievement of excellence in regulatory competence.
  • Contribution to the profession, especially beyond the routine and daily job expectations.
  • Concrete plans to continue contributing to the profession in the future.

Fellows will be announced at RAPS Convergence 2021 in September.

Reasons why some past applications did not result in Fellow recognition:

  • Failure to clearly communicate the case for selection.
  • Failure to follow instructions or directly address the selection criteria.
  • Insufficient years of experience.
  • Contributions to the profession not sufficient/sustained.